Freedom To Fly empowers individuals through Inquiry to live their own true, joyful and abundant lives. We are creating communities of awakened individuals who inspire others to embrace their own integrity and live their lives in full color.


These are the four values that can make a transformational shift sustainable. They are also the four values that can allow a group to work together without judgment and with unconditional love. By providing a safe place for sharing your ideas, experiences, and feelings – a feeling of safety is created. Through discovery and the Inquiry Method™­– your sense of awareness grows. By removing obstacles that define, limit, and restrict you – your freedom becomes a reality. By staying true and authentic – integrity becomes your foundation for change and growth.



Jane McElduff, Pamela Fagan, Kurt Mansperger, and Kathleen Lyons.

For three decades The Garden Company and then the Inquiry Method™ have helped Jane, Pamela, Kurt, Kathleen and many others release the barriers that held them back from true happiness. This created space for them to find their own source of joy and fulfillment…their true colors. The Mountain Experience and the Freedom Experience were the two most effective tools that made those results possible. The changes that grew from participation in these experiences were amplified through subsequent offerings and coaching. The teachings grew with them, stayed with them, and impacted them every day.

Freedom to Fly was created by Jane, Pamela, Kurt, and Kathleen who have shared the philosophy with their families, staff, and friends. They have experienced the impact it made as it grew. It changed lives. It deepened relationships. It created a community of people who know what it means to be happy and who want to share their happiness. Find out more about the experience, knowledge, and insights that each member of our team brings to Freedom To Fly here