It’s about quenching a different kind of thirst – a thirst to feel my inner truths, respond to situations and not react to triggers, to live peacefully at higher altitudes. No hocus pocus. Just a heartfelt courageousness to live and love. ~Karen L. (Re: Inquiry Method™ Mountain Experience)


Gathering is a short workshop where emotional clearing and healing will free you to live your own true, joyful, and abundant life. It will take place in a small group in a quiet casual setting. It will include:

  • Sanctuary—which is created so that a safe place is provided for letting go of emotional pain; and sharing ideas, experiences and feelings.

  • The Inquiry Method™ - which is used to create an awareness that helps you identify the obstacles and issues that hold you back.

  • Discovery, coaching, and group activities—through which you will gain insight and understanding of how you can become the author of your own true and authentic life.

  • Letting Go—which allows you the opportunity to let go of the obstacles that define, limit, and restrict you.

During the Gathering, you will gain insight and learn the tools to:

  • Expand and deepen your self-awareness.

  • Clearly and confidently make choices.

  • Take steps in life that inspire you and cultivate happiness.

  • Feel rooted and confident because you are living from source.

  • Apply the Inquiry Method™ to overcome future obstacles and issues.

Gathering Calls

Gathering Calls are a series of follow-up one-and-a-half-hour group calls for participants in the Gathering. These calls will be:

  • Facilitated by a Freedom To Fly teacher or coach. 

  • Based on teachings or reflection material that will be distributed prior to call.

  • Expand on the teachings and growth resulting from the Gathering.

Personal Coaching Call

Personal Coaching Call (or Facetime Session) can be arranged upon an individual’s request. It will be facilitated by a Freedom To Fly coach or an Inquiry Method™ coach of your choosing.

Freedom To Fly coaches, mentors and teachers are great facilitators for exponential change. Ultimately though, it is YOU who discovers a new sense of clarity and possibility; and an awakening of who YOU really are and what YOU really want. These calls are customized to serve you and your frequency preferences with a consideration for your budget

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