From their own immersion in The Garden Company and Inquiry Method™, each member of our team brings a different set of experiences and knowledge and sensibilities to Freedom To Fly. They each have their own story to tell but they all are living life in full color. 
Read more about each team member below.


Jane McElduff
Teacher and Coach

Jane is the driving force behind Freedom to Fly. It is through her vision, leadership, and desire to empower others to soar, that she has brought this entity to its birth. Jane has always been a pioneer in her ability to see something bigger, better or stronger and go after it. Life for her was a series of stepping stones from one accomplishment to the next. Her hard work and determination paid off. She became a Dental Hygienist and then a Dentist, when it was rare for women to enter the dental field. Her life was rewarding and challenging…until it wasn’t.

Jane created a successful dental practice, married her partner and together they had twins. Life was good. She was reaping the rewards of success…and then she failed. Her marriage and partnership ended. Jane was devastated. Jane knew success, but did not know how to handle defeat. Determined to succeed Jane threw herself into her career. Simultaneously she lovingly nurtured her beautiful two year old twins, Peggy and Kurt. Work and her children were not enough to cover the pain that Jane felt as a wife and partner.

They say “what you are seeking is seeking you”. Jane was seeking healing, growth, and a new understanding of how to deal with the devastating pain she felt in her heart. This path led her to The Garden Company and Kendrick Mercer. Kendrick developed The Mountain Experience to recognize and release emotional pain usually carried from childhood. Through this program, Jane found a safe place to evaluate and re-examine her life. She was able to “let go” of the things that no longer served her life’s purpose and move into a more joyous, simple and relaxed lifestyle that helped heal her broken heart.

Today Jane is committed to bringing this same process to others as a leader, teacher, and coach. Her twenty-three years of training not only with Kendrick but with his son Kyle Mercer, founder of Inquiry Method™, enables her to share the same success with others. She has been determined to share the love of this process with her family, friends, community, and patients in her practice. Jane’s dream is that everyone has accessibility to this life changing program. You too can feel the joy and love that comes from living life with integrity, grace, and love. 


Pamela Fagan
Teacher and Coach

Pamela is a seeker, teacher, coach, and mentor. Thirty-three years ago, she had a life changing event which left her emotionally and spiritually dead. Faced with adversity, she made a choice to examine her life which lead her to her first experience with The Garden Company founded by Kendrick Mercer. During this week long, life changing program she found herself in Sandpoint, Idaho with other like-minded people who also wanted more aliveness, abundance, and joy in their lives. 

Over the next twenty years, she worked not only with Kendrick, but his son Kyle Mercer growing and developing her skills as a coach, mentor, and facilitator. This process helped her to identify and release long held emotional pain from her childhood. She is now taking these same skills and principals learned from The Garden Company and Inquiry Method™ and offering them with the same intention through the Freedom To Fly programs. 

Often in life we find ourselves in situations where we feel stuck, unhappy, or unable to identify what we want. Pamela has the unique ability to ask questions to help others move and uncover old blocks that might stand in their way of living life exactly as they want. 

Pamela has also assisted with the Dale Carnegie program eleven times, is a Family Constellation facilitator, a Core Belief Restructuring facilitator and has taught the non-profit Mariposa Pathway program, where she also served on the board for five years. She recently retired after twenty-seven years as Office Manager from her husband’s dental practice and owns her own business called Your Awakened Journey. Oklahoma is home, but she enjoys time in Colorado, traveling with her husband and spending time with her three grandchildren.


Kathleen Lyons
Teacher and Creative Inspiration

Kathleen is one of the lucky winners of the birth lottery. Born to hard working, fun loving, good, kind parents; she one of eleven siblings who flourished in a home designed with love and work ethics. She is also blessed with brains and creative abilities. Educated at Cooper Union, Kathleen was surrounded by great minds and honed her ability to think differently – to look at challenges from all sides. She has an impressive thirty-year track record of ideas coming to fruition. Kathleen is an architect by profession but also has experience in other areas of design and creative writing. Kathleen’s work experience is in the private sector but her volunteer experience is where her passion lies. Throughout her life, she has organized teams of volunteers and volunteered individually in various capacities.

In 2000, Kathleen found herself at a roadblock. From the outside looking in, it seemed like she had the comfortable middle-class life people dreamed of. She had a professional job that she loved, a nice home, and the time and money to enjoy her family. The truth was that she was not happy. She had a knack for taking care of everyone else, but she never found time for her own needs. She stuffed her feelings inside and put out the fires of all those around her. Then Kathleen attended The Garden Company’sMountain Experience and worked with Rick Mercer and his son Kyle. That was when everything started to change. Kathleen had always seemed happy, but she had begun to discover what happy truly felt like.

Kathleen has continued to participate in The Garden Company and the Inquiry Method™ coaching and experiences on a regular basis. Kathleen’s belief that example is the best teacher was reinforced as a wide circle of her friends and family saw her transformation. She sensed a new beautiful feeling of community surrounded by people who choose to be happy. Kathleen has a vision:

She is dancing alone in a bright colorful outfit with headphones on. Dancing to music that no one else can hear. She is oblivious to the crowds that are gathering and watching. She looks so happy. She doesn’t need anything more than what she has. She has self-love. She is enough. The people gathering around her are in hooded shades of grey. Eventually, they begin to want what she is feeling. Bodies start moving, hoods come down, and one by one they are each dancing; transformed into their own bright, colorful expression of self-love. And then…more hooded figures in grey gather. They too want that feeling. There’s movement, and transformation, and color, and the love grows. Then…her vision pans out and above. The crowd is expansive. At the center is color and movement. At the edges it is grey. But the color keeps expanding, the edges blur, and the love spreads…and spreads. It’s a beautiful thing.

This is what Kathleen wants. She wants to spread the love and acceptance and the happiness that she feels. She knows that this is possible for anyone who truly wants it. How awesome would that be to expand her world full of love? For Kathleen, Freedom To Fly is the way to make her vision a reality.


Kurt Mansperger
Mentor and Tech Geek

Kurt loves to question the norms of life and chooses to live by his own terms. He believes that too many people live the way they are told to live instead of living for themselves. He would like to help people create a new vision for themselves where they can become the masters of their destiny.

Kurt is an avid traveler, but stores his things in Boston. He loves bringing people of diverse backgrounds together to see things a little differently. Generally, this is done by cooking a big delicious meal which may or may not be served in the dark. He also loves sports that have an element of danger and get him outdoors (sailing, diving, etc.).

He grew up with the Inquiry Method™ philosophy and is excited to be a part of Freedom to Fly as it executes on the vision to streamline bringing the Inquiry Method™ to a wider audience. His excitement about using innovation and technology to help people makes him a great asset to the team.